Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bath House Finishing



Sean Nailing Recycled Redwood Tongue and Groove Wainscot

Window with Wainscotting

Door All Done Up

Sink and Medicine Cabinet, Cheezy I know, but hey...

I can't say we have a reputation for fully finishing things around here, and this project is no exception. After nearly three years of use, our bath house was still unfinished around the bathtub (with flashing paper flapping around and allowing water to hit the wall when toddler tidal waves hit unexpectedly), it didn't have door trim, it didn't have baseboard trim, it didn't have light fixtures, it didn't have a mirror or medicine cabinet, and it still doesn't have a finished ceiling. But with the visit of dear friends with a toddler in tow, we managed to accomplish a lot in that little space, making it so much more pleasant to use and enjoy! (Thank you so much, Sean, Jen, and Myrika!)

I forgot to take a before photo that showed the underneath of the tub structure without a cover at all. I did take one that shows the walls surrounding the tub mostly uncovered with wainscotting.

So this weekend, we installed that wainscotting, installed the door trim, baseboards, two light fixtures, a medicine cabinet/mirror unit, and covered up the area under the tub. It really does look fabulous. The last thing that will make it so very nice will be to sheetrock, plaster, and paint the ceiling. Not sure when we'll get to that, but I hope pretty soon! Enjoy the images.

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Lia Creek said...

so so so beautiful - it was great before, but this finishing work is just breathtaking!!!! can;t wait to come test it out!
oh, my inspiring, hard-working friends!!