Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bathroom Plaster

It's been a while since I've posted, summer's schedule is unpredictable and inconsistent, but we are getting back to house work after Drew spent the last 6 weeks building instream rock and log structures in the Mattole estuary for the Mattole Salmon Group. I'd like to make a post about that soon...

But here is the lovely bathroom. This is still first coat of plaster, but it looks like a room now. The shower has the hardibacker in it and we are preparing that for tile. I'm loving the rich colors of the clay plaster, especially when the light pours through the windows in the late afternoon.

Yesterday, Drew and Aaron put the second coat of Structolite on the west bedroom wall. It was the last wall we needed to basecoat. Now we're ready to put clay on that wall, and then we can finish coat all the walls. I'd like to try and organize a work party, to get it all done in one day. Now that would be something. If you live close by, come by and look, and if not, enjoy these little photos....

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Silly Mommy said...

I like the natural light that comes in that room. It seems private but at least gives SOME view to the outside world.
Having a little sunshine poking in on a nice day is a pleasant when doing one's "business" anyway! Haha!