Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Full Steam Ahead

Though I have had several days of low motivation, our crew is still moving all kinds of things forward with the house. Last week, Jemma and I plastered the big wall in the living room a lovely yellow color. This afternoon, in the sunset light, it was a magnificent, glowing gold, so I couldn't resist photographing it.

Living Room Wall Plaster in Golden Sunset Light

Also, our bedroom trim is done, and we're working on the doors so we can install the last of it in the entry and in the bathroom/closet. Today, Drew and I plastered the laundry closet with Structolite, so that when we move over to the house, we can move our washing machine, too.

Here's the Bedroom with Trim, All Done

A Bathroom Door

Stair Trim, Just Like Tetris

Last week, Karl and Drew had Cedar here with his trenching machine, and we ran phone cable to the house, propane line from the pad to the house, water lines and power lines. Karl is working hard to get all those utilities set up before he leaves in a few weeks. We've ordered new batteries for our off-the-grid power system, and we're looking forward to that purchase arriving. Our current batteries were used and cheap, and they have certainly done their duty. But they are no longer working very well, so we're excited for batteries that perform properly. Karl is building a little house outside the house for them, as well as the inverter and other electronics that operate our power system.

Hmmm, what else. Aaron is mudding and taping on the north slope ceiling, getting it ready for texture. I moved some window bucks along towards readiness for plaster. Jemma has been cleaning and oiling all of our window frames, including the clerestory windows. And the list goes on. There are a lot of steps!

Our bathroom sink arrived, as did our vent hood for the kitchen stove. We're lining ourselves up to do plaster and floors in the kitchen/living/dining, so that we can create a temporary kitchen.

Maybe we'll actually move into our room THIS weekend, we'll see!


Sparrow said...


I've been reading your blog for a few weeks (love it-- especially the photography :)) and I had a couple of questions. Didn't see an email link, so I figured a comment would do.

My husband and I want to buy some land to homestead/hobby farm/whatever you want to call it. Granted, we're a year or two off, but Mattole is one of the areas we were looking at, and I was wondering if you knew of any information resources about moving to the area. My google-fu is weak, I can't find much of anything.

No biggie if you don't, I just figured it was worth a shot :)


Amanda said...

Hi Regina, Could you leave me some contact information, like an email address, so I can write you back directly? Thanks,

Sparrow said...

Sorry, I thought I did! Whoops.

My email is lexofthefuture at gmail dot com

Thank you.

Sparrow said...