Friday, January 7, 2011

A Bed Off the Floor

These small things are so tiny, but so delightful. For many years now, our bed has been in a loft or on the floor. Not such a bad thing at all, especially when you have a little tiny person who could fall out of a tall bed. But it comes with it's prices. Changing sheets is a pain (especially with very close ceilings). Crawling around when you're 9 months pregnant isn't so easy, and a little hard on the wrists. And climbing out of a loft at 3 AM when you have to pee isn't such a holiday either.

So we're up off the floor, and the other awesome benefit is to experience the view out the window in the morning that I designed the room for:

The single largest window in the house frames this view of Moore Hill, the last hill before the ocean. Drew and I spent the beginning of our relationship staring out the window at Moore Hill from a different perspective. Ahhh, it's so lovely! It catches the sunrise light so beautifully.


Beth Mendonca-Seufert said...

What a beautiful view and such a warm room! I could curl up in your bed any morning!!!!

Ebby Puttence said...

Your pad looks awesome. What amazing views out your windows too, like framed Ansel Adams' photos in big, vibrant color. Wow! So happy for you... What peaceful place to be.