Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hand Knitted Socks

Adult socks knitted in Panda Soy "Stained Glass", 2-at-a-time

Children's Socks, Knitted in MochiPlus, 2-at-a-time

Oh dear, it's been a while since I've posted. Pregnancy hasn't been so kind to me, diminishing my immune system and leaving me vulnerable to every passing virus. I've been sick a lot over the last two months...

But. Some backlog posts. I wanted to show off my knitted socks. The red pair are mine, and the first pair I've knitted with the two socks at the same time with the two circular needles method. They are knitted with a yarn called PandaSoy, which is made with bamboo and soy fiber.

The pink pair are the second attempt at the two-at-a-time socks, and my first attempt at using something other than a very basic sock pattern. It has a ribbing pattern only on the top of the foot. These I knitted as a gift for my daughter, who was requesting "pink, fluffy socks". I used the MochiPlus yarn, a beautiful, soft, painted yarn that does really cool color changes. I made them a little large, so she could wear them next winter, since it's almost summer (though the weather lately wouldn't necessarily suggest that).

I am currently working on a few knitted projects, but my enthusiasm for knitting has kind of faded with sunnier outdoor skies. As it should be. I am wanting to knit while I can, knowing I won't be able to so much once our new baby arrives this July.

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