Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Started Our Walls!

Last week, in a break in the weather, and when the mason crew happened to have the time, two guys came out to lay the first course of wall block on our house. Professionals are necessary so that the first course is perfectly level and plumb, making the future stacking much smoother. I didn't expect how excited I would be, but it feels SO EXCITING! Maybe it's just that you can see where the doors will be now, or that it already feels a little more enclosed when you stand inside of it, but in either case, it's just plain awesome.

With this task done, we are eager to move on to working through the slab, and getting Karl up here to do electrical, so that we can do the real glory work, dry stacking the blocks. This part will go relatively fast, giving a lot of bang for your buck. FUN! But before we put the cart TOO far in front of the horse, we are thinking we might be able to get the slab done before our winter walkabout, which starts the last week of January. We'll see how far we can get.

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