Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home At Last

The Family that Skis Together, Stays Together

The Weather was Great at Mt Bachelor

Bald Eagle at the High Desert Museum in Bend

Family Portrait, in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta

It's been a long five weeks of travel, and after that, there is nothing like seeing the tundra swans on their way north floating in flooded fields north of Klamath Lake, or flying through the Trinity River canyon with storm winds howling against the car, and eating a fabulous sushi meal at Kyoto in Eureka with Samuel, and visiting with Jenny in Blue Lake, and entering into early spring from the snowy, wintery mountains. We traded white icy snow for white plum petal snow, exploding all over the north coast. We traded those tundra swans for tens of thousands of Canada geese migrating through the green velvety fields of the Eel River Delta and along the Humboldt Bay. We traded icy roads for golden wild mustard, and coltsfoot, and when the storm that's raging outside tonight lets up for a minute, I can hear the frogs calling out their lullaby music, to sing us to sleep in the land of water.

There was a big storm while we were gone, at last the skies opened up, and brought our river up to 20,000 cfs, a respectable level. We're not yet to our average annual rainfall, but we're getting closer by the minute, with 5 inches predicted by Tuesday. What a return, truly, to some of the worst weather of the year. Our yurt walls are flapping, and the rain is pouring down, drumming on our heads incessantly, as we try to remember how to sleep beneath it. I am hearing unfamiliar thumping noises outside, hoping that nothing is getting damaged. We have been living in sensory deprivation, compared to this!

Looking forward to blogging more regularly again....and discovering all that's changed in the time in between. Keep posted.

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