Friday, March 13, 2009

Pour Day A'Comin

Though we didn't do any work on the house while we were gone, Drew and a great and willing crew of diligent workers tried very hard to get our next phase of the house done before we left for 5 weeks. We had a lucky, long break in the weather, where winter felt like summer (during the day, at least), and we got within striking distance. Now that we're home, it's taken us a little time to get back to it, but we are hoping to have a floor next week. WOW! That is exciting and crazy to think about!

Since we're doing a slab-on-grade, anything that might go under the floor has to be just perfect, and thought of ahead of time. This includes all the drain plumbing, all hot and cold water lines to all bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry, some electrical, and the warm-floor tubing. Just the floor project alone has tested the strength of our design skills. It has pushed us to make decisions such as, where will the bathtub drain go, how much space does a toilet need, do we want the ability to put a sink in the kitchen island even if we don't do it now, where exactly will all the interior walls go, and so on. By the time this floor is done, all this planning will have put us into a position of knowing a lot of design details, and the building process can proceed more quickly, we hope . It's a process of getting organized and set up. If you do it right, you can just jam later on.

I'll post some photos of the progress soon!

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