Friday, May 1, 2009

Loss in a Small Community

It's a fact of life that death is included in the package. But sometimes, it seems, we are tricked into forgetting about life and birth's opposite counterpart, the inevitable place we each return to, at a time not of our choosing. What makes it so excruciating is that here, where we know most of our neighbors, when someone leaves, whether it be "timely" or unfairly early, we know them. We've had many, many small interactions over years. And we know their family. Sometimes, we know the energy and love their parents have devoted to them. We have seen the chronicles of their growing up. We know the burden held by those who love them. And even in not knowing them well, we feel the seismic reverberations of grief rippling through our small community, through all those who know and love them, from the time they were little, until they grew into a vibrant, beating, pulsating energy heart-star.

And as a parent, it is unfathomable to imagine losing one's daughter.

This family that has been visited by the Reaper, they are pillars of our community. They are loved deeply, they are a well of inspiration and hope for many, they are strong, and have persevered through hard and happy times. They are our friends, and they support us over and over again selflessly, and yet, they are given this new reality to grapple with.

I am feeling each of you tonight, wishing I could change what seems so wrong, and hoping to find faith in it being an appropriate event in time and space. I am wishing each of you the ability to find your peace with it all. I love you all.

Rest in Peace, dear Cordelia.

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