Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bubbles and Fancy Hair

It's been a full weekend already for Ella, and it's not even Sunday yet (well, in 20 minutes it will be). After finishing the patio of Thursday, we enjoyed a great bubble blowing session together. She is really into this activity right now, begging to do it first thing in the morning, and again throughout the day, anytime we happen to pass by the bubbles in the mudroom (i.e. many times each day). She has gotten quite skilled at it, and has recently mastered the art of catching the bubbles she blew on the wand. Then, she will ask ME to blow bubbles, and she "catches" them, or pops them, depending on your perspective.

On Friday night, 2 and 1/2 White Guys, a ska band from Utah, who are friends with our neighbors, came to play their annual Petrolia gig at the Mattole Valley Community Center. While we were getting ready, Drew asked Ella if she wanted some "fancy hair"? She said, "La" (which means yes). So he coated her lovely locks with some Aubrey's Organics hair gel, kind of making a mohawk. She loved it. (It later mellowed into a cool side wave). Then he asked her what she wanted to wear with her fancy hair. She said, "Red." And she chose her pink tie-dyed ruffle skirt to wear to the show.

She was very excited about the "oomic" that we were going to go see, and the dancing. Once the show started, she kept going until 11 PM, appropriately clapping just before the end of each song, and dancing and galloping her little heart out to the ska groove during each tune. We and our friends were all in awe!

After sleeping in this morning, we spent the day preparing for our Cancerian birthday celebration, honoring Drew, Blase, Bird, and Cassie's birthdays, which all transpired this week. It was the inaugural party for our patio, and a good time was had by all: we BBQ'd some Alaskan coho salmon, some screaming pesto hamburgers, steaks, everyone brought side dishes, and I made yet another cake, this time chocolate with a vanilla cream cheese frosting with blueberries on top. I decorated it with flowers from Deva's garden, and it was very very lovely.

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Anonymous said...

very very cool. i should have known that you'd update your blog with such frequency. it's fun to see, and wonderful of you to share.

much love, ee