Saturday, June 14, 2008

Foggy Morning

After a warm, warm day yesterday, I woke up this morning to see our landscape cloaked in heavy fog. It is downright drippy outside, and though the garden is soaking it up, I admit to feeling somewhat grumpy this morning. 

Drew will be working all day on our foundation, getting it ready for the pour 8:30 Monday morning, when three 10 cubic yard concrete trucks will arrive ready to unload. It's a big responsibility, and a wee bit stressful. Meanwhile, the basils and squashes, eggplants and tomatillos will have to wait to get in the ground until Drew is available to entertain Ella for a little while.

On a totally different note, as we were falling asleep last night, in the distance we heard a spotted owl, the endangered species that is altogether rare, especially so in our open, flat, pasture land. They nest and hunt in old growth forest, which aside from a few remnant old growth trees in our neighborhood, is about six miles away at the closest . Not sure where it was headed or what it was up to, but the call is unmistakable. Maybe it was a fledgling looking for a new home? Or an adult exploring some new territory. I have missed the spotted owl since we moved away from our previous residence, where one would come visit periodically, and play call and response.

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