Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Drew

Drew celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, June 24th. For Drew, this means finishing work an hour early, and taking a mini nap on the couch while I was cooking dinner. Ella was really cute, she was trying to get him to play, and I gently tried to encourage her to let him sleep.

I managed to make an almost all local food dinner: short ribs that were raised just a few miles away, potatoes that were a gift from a neighbor who grew them himself, broccoli and kale from our own garden, with just one zucchini from the big grocery store. And then there was the blueberry cheesecake I mentioned in my previous post. Oh boy, as you can see in the photo above, it was not only beautiful, but delicious. Poor us...Ella was SO excited about a "happy birthday cake", and "mama, see happy birthday cannels (candles)". She helped Drew blow them out.

Birthdays are always a time in our family to contemplate why we are grateful that the birthday guy or gal was born. Well, Drew has far exceeded my expectations of devotion to our family dreams. If one had any doubt about where he was focused, one would simply need to observe him in the days leading up to our pour last week to see his whole heart and soul pouring into the project. He gets like that about all his projects. He takes them seriously, takes them to heart, and I know that he is working really hard to manifest what we all need and want: a solid house that is beautiful and functional, and a representation of our best thinking and design. And being as humble as he is, he has a hard time reading my thoughts here, but here's to you Drew, thanks for being born, and being so committed to our little family. I'm blessed to share yet another revolution around the sun with you.

Drew's birthday is also the anniversary of the day that Drew asked me to marry him, while on a sunset walk at the mouth of our beloved Mattole River. That makes it six years since we decided to commit our lives to each other. What another wonderful marker of time...

We will be hosting a birthday party this coming Saturday so that Drew can celebrate for real, with friends, food, drink, and of course, more cake.

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