Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New View

The View Looking Down from the East

An unusual day, today. Ella and I were given a tour on the back of a four-wheeler into the backcountry of a local ranch, in search of a new perspective of our lil homestead. I love these sojourns into never-before-seen geography of the Mattole. Especially since today's trip explored territory that we can see from our own house.

Ella and I rode up the steep, steep hills behind our neighbor, holding on tightly, sitting haphazardly on some extra cushions. Ella was sandwiched between us. She wasn't so sure about the riding part. Up and up, through open, grassy meadows, dense fir and madrone forests, through brushy knolls covered in coyote brush, until we arrived at a little brief window through the vegetation, where you could look downhill and see our little yurt, shed, and house foundation, all in the shadow of the landmark knoll. Out beyond it was the sea, though the fog at the coast prevented an actual view of the ocean.

After snapping a few photos, we continued to the top of the hill, and rendezvous'ed with a few cows. We took in a view of Cooskie Mountain and King's Peak, and admired the large, old-growth fir trees on the ridge. It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny. It was the kind of day here in the Mattole that makes you thoroughly glad that you live and breathe here, a day you don't forget.

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