Friday, October 10, 2008

Restoring Mistakes

Our road is torn apart again, not because a freak storm washed through, but because Drew made a mistake in his original bridge installation. The bridge needed to be lowered 3 feet, and the channel widened, and the slope of the banks feathered back to a lower angle.

Yesterday, the excavator tore out the bridge, and today the operator is placing "rip-rap", large 1/2 ton boulders to secure the banks and therefore the bridge abutments. It's pretty exciting to watch the giant insect-looking machine effortlessly pick up large rocks, and gently nudge them into place with hand-like precision.

This is Drew's last stretch in a project which has gone on now nearly three months. I am excited for his focus to return to our family and our homestead projects, and maybe we will even go on a vacation, which we have been talking about for two months now.

I'll try to post some photos of the exciting excavator work soon.

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