Friday, October 31, 2008

Rainy Halloween

Our second significant rain event of the season is upon us as we speak, a large band of showers is poised to drop several inches of sloppy wet skywater upon our heads between now and tomorrow night. The winds are quite strong, gusty and loud in the yurt tonight, i hope I can sleep well. It rained most of last night, too. I'm certain that the Mattole River will force its way through the sandbar tomorrow and open itself to the incoming tide of adult chinook salmon...welcome home, silvery, slick, lovely fish. I hope that flows will remain high enough for them to reach their headwaters spawning gravels.

Halloween was kind of a wash. Drew is in Santa Cruz for an aikido event, and Ella didn't even want to dress up today. She said "I just want to wear fresh clothes". I tried twice, before we went to the store this morning, with no luck, and tonight, as I was donning cowboy duds, to venture out to a Halloween party. I was kind of the ghost of grandfathers past tonight...the core of the outfit was Drew's work pants and work shirt, with his dead grandfather's leather vest, my dead grandfather's suit jacket, bolo tie, leather hat, and fake mustache. Phil's authentic heeled, leather cowboy boots, which haven't been worn in several years and were harboring unseen spiders that bit me, covered my feet. I also had leather work gloves, and a rodeo lariat (wow, I finally learned what that word means!).

The party was fun, just to see all our friends and neighbors dressed up silly. I think my favorite was the party host, Michael. I asked if he was a stock broker. He said he was dressed as a polygamist, read guy in a suit. He said none of his wives were around. (I hope this doesn't offend any readers out there). Ella spent a long time playing with Legos in one of the kids rooms, so I was able to have adult conversation, even though I was flying solo.

Once again, I don't have any photos, sorry, you'll just have to use your imagination.

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shiloh said...

Hi Amanda,
I found your blog and read the last half dozen posts. Made me feel like I was back in the valley. Thanks