Sunday, December 14, 2008

Country Christmas Tree Hunt

It has been something of a tradition to seek and collect a Christmas tree on my birthday, which is December 20th. But this year, since Ella is old enough to be excited about trees and ornaments, I couldn't wait to venture out to find one early. Our lovely neighbor, Deva, offered up her large knoll, which has a spontaneous eruption of small fir tree acne on its north side.

We left the yurt in the late morning, wearing rain coats and boots, and carrying no less than one large tree saw, a rainbow umbrella, a dog, and a toddler. The moment we left, it began to rain. It's been an on and off affair of showers, snow, sleet, sunbursts, and rainbows, as of late. Down the hill and across the creek and up up up, past the spring, coming into sweeping vistas of our flat, Apple Tree Ridge, other people's burn piles, far away cows, and amazing, fluffy cloud-scapes. We met Deva, who joined us for the wet walk. As we reached the tree area, we noticed a buck at the ridge, who uncomfortably strutted away, hoping to evade the dogs.

At last, we selected several trees, and asked Ella to make the final choice: "Dis one, no. dis one, yeah yeah yeah..." Drew and I each took a turn with the hand saw, and then we collected our harvest, and began the trek back. It began raining harder, and was a pretty steady downpour most of the trip home, until, of course, we arrived back at the yurt. Ella was rather non-plussed, but she made a valiant effort nonetheless, hiking in her non-waterproof blue poncho and pink rain boots.

In the fading afternoon light, after the tree dried off a little, I brought it inside and set it inside a white bucket with rocks in the bottom to stabilize it, and dug out the tree ornaments. Ella LOVED this part, and has been so delighted to play with and talk to the animals now inhabiting the tree. She even played peek-a-boo with the raccoon this morning during breakfast! With Ella being older this year, things are setting up for a really fun holiday, full of new family rituals and traditions.

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