Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some birthday pics

Here I am today, 33 years old, my Jesus year! I'm having a wonderful day. Slow morning start, breakfast, letting Ella open my presents, Ella off to babysitter, Drew and I have a hike date, and I got some camera nerd time in. The photos above are from said hike, of this fabulous Bay tree. Ella is now napping, and we will attend the annual Petrolia White Elephant party tonight. This is a fabulous shindig, with too many contestants elbowing and bumping their ways around a medium sized living room.

In case you don't know about white elephant, it's a gift exchange. Each person brings one gift, and picks a number when they arrive. Each number is called in succesion. When it's your turn, you can either open an unopened gift under the tree, or you can steal a gift from someone else who already opened one. Rules are: 1. Each gift can only be stolen three times. The fourth owner is the FINAL owner. 2. You cannot steal a gift from a relative/family member. (This is significant as a lot of our community members are related and could easily collaborate to get a certain gift!) 3. You MUST take your white elephant home!

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