Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know that anyone living up and down the west coast has been blasted this week with a comprehensive mass of [relatively] frigid Arctic uncle, who lives in Oakland, remarked that when he left his building to walk to work on Monday, he thought that there might have been an earthquake and he had been transported to Chicago. My friend in Montana showed her son playing outside in -20 degrees in a Facebook photo. And friends in Oregon shared that there have been lovely blankets of snow lying all around their towns, making driving treacherous, and beauty common.

While we haven't seen snow here at sea level on the Lost Coast, we have had two nights of hard freeze, and a third, tonight, of lighter frost (there is a change in the weather afoot). We have needed to keep the fire going almost all day, and areas in the shade to the north of the yurt have maintained frost all day long! This is not unheard of here, but it's really a rare few days a year that it gets this cold.

The road into town has been covered in the dangerous, invisible black ice at night, and motorists who tried to get to town on Monday, as well as each successive day since, have had to wrangle with snow in places. Ella and I went to the store yesterday, and a guy had driven down from Wilder Ridge. His truck had snow all over the hood and roof. A large clump laid next to the truck on the pavement, and Ella was just beside herself about it. We ran circles around it, touched it, prodded it, stomped in it, and squealed with joy. Who knew that just a little lump of snow could be so much fun?! The weather people keep threatening that we will see snow, even down here at sea level, but we'll just have to see about that, won't we?

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