Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finished Walls

The Entire House! From the Southeast

The Whole Thing, from Due South

West Wall from the Outside

Looking East Through the Entire House, on the Lower Level

Looking East on the Upper Level

Looking West Through the Entire House

The North Wall as Viewed from the Living Room

Three solid days of pushing endlessly, even a few sunup to sundown marathons, but today we completed the exterior walls of our house. We can now see the shape and slope of the roofs and the clerestory, and grok how tall the north wall really is. We can see what it will look like from the outside, and begin to have a feeling for the interior spaces. It is spectacular! Not only what we've accomplished, but watching this vision, one that we have nurtured along for several years now, emerging into the flesh. I can hardly believe this is my life!

Now, we take a little needed vacation to go play in the redwoods, and then we get into setting the ridge beams and the rest of the roof. The main visible beam is going to be a gigantic recycled redwood bridge timber, and the posts that will hold them up are tree sections that Drew harvested last week from the Petrolia School, the land where we met (thank you, Dr. Dick!). It's going to be so beautiful, I can hardly wait to see the boldness of the feeling of the beam.

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