Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Firemen's Muster

Backpack Sprayer Relay, that's Drew on the Left

The Petrolia Team Cuts a Fire Line Down to Mineral Soil

Firefighter Papa

The Petrolia Team Puts out a "Wildland" Fire in the Hose Lay

Petrolia Team Captain Chris Gilda and Engine 6632

Every year at the Roll on the Mattole, a music festival fundraiser for Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company, there is a firemen's muster. In other words, the departments all put together a team, and have firefighter games, work to win a trophy prize, and furthermore, demonstrate how awesomely prepared they are for the possibility of wildland firefighting.

There are 3 competitions: a backpack sprayer relay, a fire line competition, and a hose lay. They need to demonstrate teamwork and technical skill, and they are judged by CDF firefighters. It's a heckuvalot of fun to watch. And it helps the folks keep their chops up, too.

This year, there was an additional cool-factor, which was that the Honeydew team was all women. As a woman, I feel a little swell of pride for these ladies, it isn't easy work being firefighters. Although I live in Petrolia, I was secretly rooting for the Honeydew team! Woman first, village second! But Whale Gulch Volunteer Company won, instead.

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