Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Beams

The building process has led to this: two solid days spent wrangling and getting all Egyptian with some large pieces of redwood. Jim Groeling found us these 10"x12" beams from his latest reconstruction project: taking apart Field's Landing. Field's Landing is a little unincorporated community south of Eureka, located on Humboldt Bay, and the wharf that our beams were a part of served as a way for redwood products to ship out of our area, and from the 1940's until 1951, Field's Landing was the last operating whaling port in the United States. Our beams were girders on the wharf.

A little mechanical brushing wiped away the salty flavor of the sea, and the tar from the spots where they rested on posts. They truly are gorgeous, with very tight grain. We are so grateful to have these amazing pieces of wood.

In the above photo, our crew wrestled with the shorter of the two, with a scaffold, a come-along, pulleys, webbing, and a static jin pole to maneuver it into position, before successfully lowering it onto the posts with metal buckets on top. Today, the crew decided that it would be easier and safer to lift the beam with the forklifts on the tractor, if I was willing to allow them to drive the tractor into the house. Well, I think that's all going to work out fine, I hope!

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