Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Topless Party

Drew really wanted to have a topless party for his birthday, as in, a party in our topless house, once the walls were done. But the walls weren't done in time for his birthday, so we had to have the party last weekend. We furnished the house with our meager and humble furniture options, and set up "counters" in the kitchen, and an air bed in our bedroom, and dragged out a bunch of toys for the kids, and played groovy music all evening. We watched the waxing crescent moon set over Moore Hill, and waited until the stars emerged from the darkness to go back inside to bed. After most of the guests left, Drew, Ella, Ryan, and I sat on our couch in our future living room, area rug underfoot, all tucked under my grandmother's afghan. It was such an extraordinary sensation of fulfillment. It was also so nice to have the house full of people we love, sharing food and enjoyment. Even without walls, windows, and doors, the design worked very well. I think we're going to love living in it, and I'm looking forward to having lots more gatherings with our lovely community packed inside.

Can't wait for the full completion!

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