Thursday, July 17, 2008

At Last! A Sane Voice In the WILDERNESS: AL GORE

Al Gore gave a remarkable speech to the American Public yesterday. He challenged us to wean ourselves from dependence on foreign oil and to become carbon neutral in 10 years. He actually drew the connection between the war in Iraq, high gasoline prices, and our tanking economy. I found it downright inspiring, and I am delighted that at least SOMEONE is raising the bar. (Tell me again why Al didn't become our president?)

Here is a link to the speech, given on July 16, 2008, titled A Generational Challenge to Repower America. Consider joining the campaign, and doing what you can...

Onward, let's turn this thing around, eh???

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Jenoa said...

Honey, YOU are the sane voice in the wilderness. Hurrah to my new favorite blog from your new biggest fan..... I love your writing and range of musings.xoxoxoox your friend down the road.