Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Sunny Moonrise

Took in this fabulous moonrise this evening in the company of my dear husband and daughter, who had recently been running "races" in the dusty dirt surrounding our "jobsite", as Ella calls it.

What I mean by a sunny moonrise is this: the summertime full moonrises are roughly in the location of the winter sunrises. As the moon peeked over the ridge, Drew said, "Let's go stand at the house site and see what that looks like." So we noted that our bedroom, well, actually, all rooms on the south side of the house would have a glorious sunrise view in November, December, and January. Ahhhh, what a great feeling, to imagine that, a sunrise, long sought after during several days of rain. A misty, cool, crisp morning arrives, and we can lie in bed together and watch it ascend into the southeastern sky. I am looking forward to this little pick me up in the dark times of year.

Things continue to unravel out there in the US economy...I have been watching, with great interest, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailout, continued high gas prices, rampant inflation and consumer spending index, and learned this week that although our bank accounts are insured to $100,000, the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) only has $58 billion on hand to pay out. Something tells me that EVERYONE can't really be covered under this amount, in spite of President Bush's recent press conference to settle consumer fears. And how curious, the news today says that oil prices came down, which buoyed the US stock markets. Inverse relationship shaping up there. I'm, of course, not sure what any of this means, but I am watching and wondering where it's all going.

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treetop said...

True that, about the FDIC, what a keen mind you have young Amanda. I picked up on that but because it is so volatile did not put ink to the thought as you have. The Federal Reserve went to Congress and asked for a blank check to fill in for that purpose and to fill as needed for the funding of home mortgages through Fannie and Freddie. I think it remains to be seen if Fannie and Freddie remain structured as they are now but that they will remain, has been decided. When I say blank check, is that 300 billion, is that 150 billion. We many never know, the upside is that it created some stability, the downside is that instead of making our children pay for our consuptive gluttonny we all lived too long and will have to pay the price of this ourselves. I have read economic opinions from economist who state that luxury of long term fixed rate financing is a symbol of the consumptive gluttony that American have developed an entitlement to. That hedging, and guaranteeing all that long term debt is part of the problem. I am not sure what I think about that yet, it does set up this cycle of compulsive refinancing, which incurs more fees every time there is a dip in rates and then people throw in all their credit card debt, a new car, a couch, yada, yada,. They feel good and in five years they run up their credit card debt and do it all over again. I have people who come into my office and when they realize they cannot do that again because property values have come down so much there is not enough equity in their house to refinance and that they will have to pay off their credit card debt the old fashioned way, they cry. The week ended better than it started with oil coming down from a high of 147 a barrel to 127, that is a big drop and gas came down here at the pump from 4.78 to 4.65 that is standard prices not Costco. US demand was down and US supply was greater than expected. I think that is a manipulated information release. Crazy, the stock market ended the week up like 500 points. Mortgage rates on a 30 year went from 6.25% fixed on a 30 year to 6.75%. Lot of big moves. I am seeing people are changing, the rank and file that come and sit in front of my desk are thinking different, they are driving different, more people are combining trips, finding ways to work more efficiently. You know my rant, I am really getting every day contractors to at least look at putting in solar powered water heaters in their new houses, they are all doing something. I mean for real, when I say to them forget the cherry cabinets to sell the house, put in this or look at different insulation and just put in four solar panels in every house. I get yeah I have been thinking about that. Then I send them a couple of links, they understand about protecting the future value of their home and what is the value of that home a year from now when the house is done. I have always said follow the money, money always wins. Sigh...I do not know what this system is going to look like in five years, not sure what it will look like in two years. For me all I care about is my little Humboldt county and the people who live in it. So you keep doing what you do and I will keep doing what I do. Peace and love.