Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation at Home

What a great week/weekend it's been! Friends from far away who we haven't seen for several years came to visit, Santa Cruz- Sierra Institute-student Co-op pals spent Wed-Sat with us, and Drew and I have been relishing the excuse to enjoy some R & R at home, an unusual treat. We spent time lying on the beach, walking our property, picking wild blackberries, picking blueberries, walking the creek, enjoying wine and cheese on our new patio while sitting in lounge chairs, having a tailgate party at their vehicles, eating a lot of yummy homemade food, and enjoying hours of interesting conversation spanning the distance between our current lives, education, politics, yoga, homesteading, construction, whale ecology, and so on. I am so grateful our friends forced our relaxation hand and enabled us to take a break. You are rock stars for helping us!

The best part about it is that we didn't have to go anywhere. We didn't spend gas money, and we didn't spend a lot of time driving, we just settled in and trusted that all would be taken care of. And it was...

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