Tuesday, June 23, 2009


At long last, I harvested my garlic and onions today. I planted the garlic last October, and the onions I started from seed last August. Wow, talk about long-term commitment! Overall, it feels really nice to have produced these lovely bundles of storable food, but I would like to strive for more consistent and ripe results. The onions and garlic both vary greatly in size, and one of the garlic varieties would have liked to be harvested a few weeks ago. The outer paper skin was nearly rotten all the way through on most, and all the way through on a few. They kind of look naked, without the skin, their cloves bulging out at odd angles.

In any event, next time, I would feed them more regularly, and make use of the automatic water, which I set up a few weeks ago, after they were nearly done. But really, who can argue with over 70 heads of garlic, and approximately 50 onions? This year we won't need to buy garlic for our pesto, so long as our basil makes it through, which I'm sure it will.

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