Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stacking Wall Blocks

I took some more photos two days ago, and nothing's changed since then! We've now got 6 courses of block on the whole thing, and I think we'll do 8 before the pour. Our next steps, once we get all those blocks stacked, is to epoxy in vertical rebar into the foundation, and then shim, level, and plumb the walls before a pour. We also will need to construct window bucks to make sure the window openings are perfectly square and remain so during this and future pours.

It's so exciting to stand out there inside the emerging walls! I just want to hang out all the time, and rehearse moving through the rooms, and practice looking out the windows. I'm also excited to see just what the views out the windows will look like when the windows are finished being framed in. The sound quality has already changed. The walls are containing sound much more completely than when there were just short 2 block walls. Drew is usually playing the radio out there while he works, and you can no longer hear it in the yurt.

Drew is excited for a "topless" party for his birthday, get it? Party without the roof on?

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