Tuesday, June 9, 2009

House Unfolding

The view south through the master bedroom.

The zig-zag-y south wall, in all its glory. That curve is an optical illusion from the camera lens...You can see the beginnings of windows on the segment closest to the bottom of the frame.
These photos are from last week, more to come soon!

We began stacking our wall block about 10 days ago, and the house is emerging from the ground quite rapidly. It takes about a day for two people to stack one complete course, though with window openings coming into play, this should change for a while. Just before I came in right now, we started on the sixth course, which is one fewer than we can do in one pour. Once those blocks are stacked, we have some rebar work to do, and then we have our first wall pour! Within a week or two! And then on to more stacking.

The blocks are rather easy to work with, if a little scratchy on the skin. Gloves are important. They weigh about 20 lbs each, which is less than Ella, but their bulk makes them a little awkward to carry around. It's kind of like working with Legos. Stack 'em up! Keep a running bond! And away we go. Sometimes, when Ella is feeling charitable, she plays with toys on the slab, and both Drew and I can work together stacking. It does end up being a lot of walking, so in addition to creating wind-proof walls, it is also good exercise. As soon as Ella wakes up, I'm gonna go take some more pictures.

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